Friday, April 19, 2013

Turquoise hair.

Hello new and old followers~ image

I've been doing okay. Blogger is so much more difficult than tumblr. 
I'm moving into an apartment next month with 2 random roommates. Honestly, I'm scared, but at least I'll have a full length mirror, so I can do ootds. 

My hair has been turquoise for 2 months. 

I've been wearing it straight.  My ex told me I look like a cute boy with the straight hair. The dye I used was Manic Panic's Voodoo Blue.
The hair was a mix of golden blonde and browns. It took pretty well, and I didn't leave it on for long. The pics of me with curly hair was taken maybe 2 weeks after dying, The pics of me with straight hair was taken after 2, almost 3 months. It's still pretty vibrant, but keep in mind that I do not wash everyday.

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  1. OMG I LOVE your hair & congratz on the new place, I hate room mates but wouldn't mind getting away from my family LOL. Do you have an Instagram because IDK what your Social Networks are, you should put a Link page on here so we can find you easily >__<

    Oh and this Link should be able to help you learn how to use Blogger better hope it helps!! ;D

    1. Thank you! Tbh, I'd rather not have roommates, but I guess it would force me to go out and make friends. I'll link my instagram soon! I'm still still trying to see how things work on there. xD

      And thank you for the link!