Friday, December 28, 2012

Kimchi Bambi Violet Review

(Bought with my own money!)

(。・ω・)ノ゙ コンチャ♪
This review is on the Kimchi Bambi Violet Circle Lens from Lensvillage!
First, shipping. I wanted them for New Years so I chose fast shipping (3-5 business days). Fast shipping is only $12. I say "only" because on most sites, shipping is $25. I bought them on December 20th. My order finished processing on December 24th, and it arrived on December 26th. So it only took 6 days!  

Manufacturer : Vassen

Actual Diameter : 15mm
Effect Diameter : 16mm
Water Content : 55%
Power Range : 0.00 to -8.50
Life Span : 1 Year

The Kimchi Bambi series is similar to the Geo Bambi Series, but they come in 6 different colors instead of three (Brown, Green, Grey, Violet, Pink, Blue). That inner brown ring is a bit brighter, and they have a higher water content.

  One in and one out!

 Under Flash!

 Bathroom Lighting

Natural lighting. Sorry, it was cloudy!


omg they're so biiiiig, but they don't make me look like an "alien", not like I mind that... 

imageColor: /♥ 

I love bright, cosplayish lenses so these are amazing. Sometimes they look hazel, too.

imageComfort: /

I thought they would be uncomfortable because of the size, but they're really comfortable. Probably the most comfortable circle lenses I've ever worn.  

These are my favorite lenses so far and I've been wearing circle lenses for almost 4 years. :D Yes, highly recommended if you like bright, big lenses!

 (^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ


  1. Ohhh you got theeeeeeeeeem they look good!!
    They looks like Dragon eyes lol

  2. Ooooo I really like how bright it shows up! X3